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How Can 360-Degree Video Revolutionize the Way You Advertise Your Space?

Take a look at Scouting Owl, and see for yourself what 360-degree video can do

This is a short demo of how Scouting Owl works. On a desktop you can use the mouse and the arrows on the screen to look around. On mobile devices, the video will open in the YouTube app and you can look around simply by moving your device.

360-degree video, also known as spherical video or immersive video, is a video recording in which a view in every direction is shot at the same time using an omni-directional camera or a collection of cameras on a mobile head or robot. During playback the viewer has control of the viewing direction like a panorama. Through 360-degree video, new and existing customers will be able to experience your space from their own home or office and talk about your brand in a new and exciting way.


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