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Why You Should Outsource Your Digital Marketing

Imagine this:
You’re an architect. You’re trying to build a house.
You’ve got your plans: a sensational blueprint crafted by the essence of your creative touch.

In some way, these plans have to come to life.
So, now you need contractors, construction workers, tools, and building materials. Because…could you possibly imagine doing all of this on your own?

If you answered no, then you may be thinking about hiring a few people to get the job done. In other words, you’re looking to outsource the work that you don’t specialize in.

We all have our strengths. We all have our weaknesses.
In business, it’s important to know where you stand. Your level of productivity becomes a direct reflection of the skill level applied to each individual element necessary to get the job done.

Outsourcing things like your marketing department for your business allows your brand to focus on the things that are important to your clients, such as:

  • Quality of service
  • Unique client needs
  • Delivering services on time
  • Following up with existing clients, and reaching out to new ones

It’s just one less thing to worry about.

Not only is outsourcing your digital marketing better - and easier - for you, but it’s better for your clients. When you have experts managing every component of your marketing strategy, you yield better results. When you yield better results, your clients are happier, and you’re making more money.

Simple right?

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We can help with that.

It’s no secret that we’re riding on the high tide of a digital revolution.

The Internet is completely saturated with all sorts of things that may otherwise be distracting to someone who could potentially discover your business. It’s hard for anyone to find anything online.

And it’s easy to miss important information among all the silly (though entertaining) articles about dancing babies and absurdly cute cats.

If you’re operating online, what you need for your business is someone who specializes in working around these distractions in order to keep you steps ahead of the competition.

To give you a little insight, here are a few reasons why you should think about outsourcing your digital marketing.



Knowledge & Individual Expertise.
We touched on this briefly above, but this is very important. Digital marketing is only one facet, of many, needed to make a business run smoothly. Knowledge and expertise in this particular area are vital for success. There are people who spend years in school just to master in specific marketing fields.

Let them do the work for you!

Employing an in-house marketing department can be really expensive. That’s a whole other department on the payroll and another salary to dish out. Not to mention, all there’s a lot of extra time you would have to spend on management and training.

Marketing can—and should—be on-demand.

When you have to house the position, you’re paying for their skills and contributions, but you’re also paying them when you aren’t using them.

Losing opportunity cost.
Let’s reflect for a moment on some basic economics. Specifically about opportunity costs:

Defined: the loss of potential gain from other alternatives when one alternative is chosen.

Simply put: it’s a rule in economics that examines what you must give up in order to get something else.

If your business spends time focusing on digital marketing, you lose that valuable time when you could have been focusing on something else that your company specializes in. It may feel like you’re saving money by taking the do-it-yourself approach, but the time you spend learning about how to do it right could’ve been spent elsewhere.

So, in the end, you end up spending more—in terms of time—than you would if you had outsourced the job.

In the marketing world, it’s all about getting that return on investment; you want to pay it back as soon as you can. This matters because the faster you get your marketing objectives off the ground, the faster your business is seen and the faster your money comes rolling in.

Time really is of the essence. Spend it wisely.

It takes a village.
To raise children? Yes, but also to market in the digital age. Although the Internet is virtually one place, there is a lot of ground to cover.
In order to market your business effectively, there are many different fields under the digital marketing tier that require certain levels of expertise.

In the digital world, an ideal group of marketing individuals may include many, if not all, of these titles:

  • Marketing coordinators
  • Copywriters
  • Brand managers
  • SEO specialists
  • Communication specialists
  • Social media managers
  • Strategists

That’s a lot of skill to staff under one roof, wouldn’t you agree?

Some companies make the mistake of thinking that since their focus is on digital marketing around the Internet, they can reach any amount of people with just a few ads. They’ll also begin to think that everyone will be able to see them.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Marketing on digital platforms is not always simple. It involves strategic planning and organization in order to reach the potential—and existing—audience.

This is why most companies look to outside specialists to handle these tasks.

This is similar to the idea behind opportunity costs, but not quite. You need time to be involved.

For instance, take an aspect such as social media marketing. This takes time because it’s a platform that requires consistent interaction, or it simply does not work. You must be present and active on it. You must interact and engage with the social media communities.

Bro do you even market?It’s sort of like belonging to a sports club. If you’re a member, there are things that you must do on a regular basis to hold your position.

Bold Digital Marketing offers strategic solutions for gaining traffic and exposure. One area that we specialize in involves providing consistent, high-quality content for your social media platforms in order to draw in more leads, likes, shares, and comments.

But to do what we do requires time and consistency. So save your time and leave your interactive marketing to us!

Outside perspectives.
An outside perspective can be healthy for your business. When you spend a lot of time on the inside, it’s easy to miss things that may be helpful to include in your advertising.

If someone else can approach this from the outside looking in, there is a better chance that what they create could better serve the needs of your clients because there is no company bias in the work that they do for you.

Professional marketers are trained to see the things that you don’t see.

Bold Digital Marketing | Why You Must Outsource Your Digital Marketing | Professional Marketers are trained to see things you don't see

After all of this information, we’d suspect you’re probably on the edge of your chair with anxiety because you’re ready to go outsource some of your digital marketing work.

Or perhaps you’re still not fully convinced that this is an option for you, which is okay.

But, we will say this to you:

Whatever your marketing goals - be it attracting more traffic, generating leads, increasing sales - just remember one thing: don’t ever try to build a house alone.

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