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How to Run a More Successful Social Media Campaign

Social Media—be it Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, etc.—is arguably one of the most influential multi-platforms when it comes to marketing. Millions of users around the world log on daily to check status updates, re-tweet, re-post, like, re-blog (you know the drill). 

This is good news for most digital marketers (and business owners). Need a boost for your digital marketing campaign? Check out these do’s and don’ts for running a more successful social media campaign.

DON’T: Neglect your platforms

It may feel like there are infinite platforms to choose from to deliver your message. For some companies, using many platforms fits their brand. For others, one is all it takes. But whatever platform you choose, it’s important not to neglect the ones you’ve established. Social media is like an extension of our waking life in real time. It doesn’t work, unless you work it. There’s a lot of content on the web and it’s easy for your consumers to get distracted. Once you have them, you’ve got work to keep them.

DON’T: Over-Share

Over-sharing is probably just as bad as not sharing at all. The market is already saturated with loads of promotional jargon and irrelevant cat videos (you’re welcome). When you post too many things, it’s easy to make your consumer feel overwhelmed. This could ultimately lead to losing their attention altogether.

DO: Post at Peak Times

There are all sorts of effective algorithms that explain when, why and how certain times of the day and week generate the most reaction. It’s better to know when your audience functions online to increase the chances of them seeing your content right away.

DO: Organize Your Message

Make sure your content is correct, fact-checked, source-linked, all that jazz. This is the Internet, after all. Once something is on there, there’s no changing it, especially with platforms like Twitter and Instagram, where your ability to “edit” posts is very limited (without having to delete the entire thing). Make sure your hashtags, spelling, and punctuation are correct before you decide to hit publish.

And finally:

ALWAYS: Be Genuine

Yes, social media can be used for very serious and professional tasks, but most social media platforms are designed to feel intimate and personal. People like to feel connected to something they can relate to. So apply these few tips, be genuine, sit back, and watch your campaign thrive.

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