Bold Digital Marketing

We are collaborative. We are transparent and dead honest. We are nimble. We take risks. We cut away the deadwood. We are flexible. We evolve to fit. We value talent above all.

The Hollywood Model

Our clients expect unified, high value teams that can work across disciplines. So our network coalesces into flexible project teams that cooperate, combining skills and resources, on each specific project. We disband once the project is complete. Only to reform for the next project, perhaps somewhat differently, to meet exactly that project’s needs. This ease of team evolution makes it much easier to meet rapidly changing client needs and expectations.

At Bold HQ we keep a core staff and then engage talent with the specific skills required to best execute the project. The team may or may not have worked together before, or they may have worked together in a similar or different configuration, but they all have their role and are specialists. With the right coordination coming from HQ, everyone knows how to work together and what to do to get the job done right, all at once, in parallel. This, in short, is the Hollywood Model.

Why Bold Digital Marketing

At Bold Digital Marketing we not only believe in the power of websites, SEO, and Social Media, we also have a cause. We’re an affiliate of the Dallas Lighthouse for the Blind; so your dollars spent with us go to supporting an 85+ year old organization that gives NorthTexas individuals who are blind or visually impaired an opportunity to get back to work after an illness or injury that affects their vision, even going so far as to help them relearn everyday life skills we take for granted. Click here to read more about 85th year accomplishments of Dallas Lighthouse for the Blind.

One of the things our clients really like about working with us is that they can feel good that their marketing dollars not only help grow their business, but have a real impact in their community. Click here to read a recent story about us in the Dallas Morning News.