Digital Accessibility and 508 Compliance

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Is Your Website Accessible?

Can you imagine trying to navigate the web without being able to see it or interact? For the 24 million Americans and 150,000 North Texans with vision loss and blindness, and other motor skill, cognitive and hearing disabilities, this is a fact of life. Many companies unknowingly block web access to these consumers with websites that hinder their ability to interact with digital content. Can your business or organization afford to loose these potential customers or clients due to inaccessibility?

With our colleagues at Dallas Lighthouse for the Blind, we can remediate your digital accessibility issues.

Costs of an Inaccessible Website

Missed Market

The population of people who use assistive technology to navigate the internet is a $350 billion market and growing as the population ages.

Brand Damage

Not only do inaccessible companies miss millions of potential customers, their lack of inclusion can hurt their brand image for those who are excluded.

Personnel Loss

In our digital age, even in-house business is done online. Inaccessible sites and systems cannot be seen by potential new talent or used by existing employees.

Compliance Regulations

Organizations who violate Section 508 are at risk of legal penalty. Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0) can provide best practices.

What Can Be Done to Improve Digital Accessibility?

Bold Digital Marketing and Dallas Lighthouse for the Blind

Bold Digital Marketing, as an affiliate of Dallas Lighthouse for the Blind, employs a set of unique individuals with detailed expertise in Digital Accessibility (508 compliance) standards. Team members are also blind or visually impaired and rely on assistive technology to read and navigate websites. Our team will audit your webpages for readability, usability and compliance. We can also help you mitigate issues that need resolution and train your developers gain the skills to build compliant websites.

We have experienced auditors, expert-level knowledge of WCAG 2.0, and knowledgeable team members who know how to make your site 508 compliant.

More about Dallas Lighthouse for the Blind

After 86 years of serving North Texas, acquiring knowledge about vision loss and employing individuals who are blind or visually impaired, the Dallas Lighthouse for the Blind is now on a mission to make the web accessible to all. At Dallas Lighthouse for the Blind, we employ trained, quality, caring professionals who can test, fix, and advise all accessibility needs.

How Do We Improve Digital Accessibility?

First We Audit and Test

We provide multiple levels of digital accessibility tests. Automated tools search a site for accessibility roadblocks while manual testers use assistive technology to review your site page-by-page.

Next We Remediate

Based on the results of the audit, we provide remediation advice to designers and developers to fix all barriers to accessibility.

Last We Consult

Understanding is key to accessibility success. We offer consulting, training courses, and other educational tools to make accessibility a part of an organization’s culture.

New York Law Journal – Oct 14, 2017
As courts remain divided over whether or not websites should be held to the same standard under the ADA as brick-and-mortar locations are; businesses across the country continue to get hit with lawsuits for lack of online accommodations for people with disabilities. Read more…

Bold Digital Marketing Can

  • Increase your market by reaching those people who can’t access your products and services.
  • Give all people the full capacity to experience your message.
  • Bolster your brand with inclusion rather than exclusion.
  • Attract and retain users with principles of good design making your site is intuitive and easy for everyone to use.
  • Provide your business or organization the peace of mind that comes with being compliant and inclusive.
  • Improve quality of life for North Texans with vision loss.
  • Improve your site’s SEO – WHAT? Did you know the same tags and coding that make your site digitally accessible are the tags and coding that Google looks for to discern what your site is about and how it should appear in searches?

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