Website Audits

Good SEO involves strategy and research, let Bold Digital Marketing do the legwork

Important Ad Elements like geolocation, analytics, and more

Keyword Analysis

We analyze your current or new keywords to make sure you bid on the correct keywords to minimize competition, reduce cost, and focus on the types of goods and services that are most profitable for your business.

Query Analysis

We utilize Query Analysis to target your customers at different milestones in the sales cycle. For example, focusing on a long-tail keyword such as ‘40x30x20 metal buildings for sale’ will drive less overall conversions, but the ROI will likely be much higher because a long search phrase like this is indicative of a person in “buy mode.”

Geographic Targeting and Relevance

Geo-targeting is often overlooked – a mistake that can make a huge difference in the quality of inbound leads. It doesn’t help you if someone needs your products/services in Alaska if you’re in Austin!

Ad Copy

Make sure you are using best practices. Just changing the rotation of ads, or pausing certain creatives, can make an instant positive impact.

Quality Score

SEM gurus will argue endlessly about the usefulness of visible quality scorer, but it shouldn’t be overlooked. This metric can give you more insight to your campaign than any other.

Mobile & Tablet

Is your marketing mobile friendly? Are you making the most of mobile-optimized ads? According to Google, 50% of all local searches are being done with a mobile device; if your website’s landing pages aren’t mobile friendly, you may be shooting your search engine marketing efforts in the foot.

Website Usability

We analyze the ‘Hello-to-Goodbye’ of your conversion process. Could you be inadvertently hurting the conversion rates of otherwise properly targeted searches?

Digital Accessibility Audits

Can you imagine trying to navigate the web without being able to see it? For the 24 million Americans and 150,000 North Texans with vision loss and blindness, this is a life. Many companies unknowingly block web access to these consumers by designing sites that hinder their ability to interact with digital content.

Our team employs a set of unique individuals with detailed expertise in Digital Accessibility (508 compliance) standards. These team members are also blind or visually impaired and rely on assistive technology to read and navigate websites. We will audit your website for readability, usability and compliance. We can also help you mitigate issues that need resolution and help your developers gain the skills to build compliant websites.

Bold Digital Marketing has the processes and experience to help your business evaluate and maximize the effectiveness of your online efforts by putting the focus squarely on where it should be: your bottom line!

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