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How Do We Use AR?


Using AR, architects are able to see how plans look on a physical plane, helping greatly with planning and development.


Allows the material to be seen in a different light, helping children to learn in different way. Lessons can be taken from books using smart devices, and made interactive with 3D views of material.


AR can be used in medicine to help doctors see 3D x-rays while looking at the physical patients. It also can help them see organs three dimensionally- thus helping them diagnose and treat a variety of ailments.


Some of the earliest uses of AR were in video games and the results are vast. Using smart phones, companies like Google have created interactive outdoor videogames like Ingress.


Another very early use of AR; everytime we watch a football game and the announcers show the play over the actual field; this is a simple application of AR. Recently, though, AR has been used in sports in projections for athletes while they’re playing- i.e. skiers can actually see a path to ski down without any actual markers using special AR goggles.


AR in tourism brings landmarks to life. Using apps on smart devices, we can recreate ancient temples by simply directing the device towards them, pull up information, and easily translate signs.


In the military, AR technology is used to give soldiers vital information in the field without being a distraction. Using AR, soldiers can see exactly where attacks have taken place and target locations.

Beauty & Fashion

With AR apps, people everywhere can test out outfits and makeup without ever seeing them in person, making these apps ideal for online shopping. Designers are also able to bring their designs to life before developing them with costly fabrics.