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Augmented Reality

What can Augmented Reality marketing do for my business?

Effective business marketing stimulates consumer emotion, brand recognition and perception, and creates new conversion-driven interactions; Augmented Reality (AR) marketing plays on these long-established factors in new and exciting ways. AR marketing is the future of interactive, engaging consumer marketing, and it is being used in branding, sales, gaming, and live entertainment.

In the next 5 years, AR marketing is poised to become The Next Big Thing in digital marketing. With huge players like Google, Magic Leap, Daqri, and others getting in on the AR game, Bold Digital Marketing’s Mixed Reality Lab is making major moves towards accessible Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality solutions for new advertising and marketing techniques.

Gotta Know More? Let Us Explain:

To be competitive and stay relevant in an evolving marketing world, branding must be topical, fun, and on the absolute cutting-edge of technology. In today’s market, the most favored and recognizable brands are often linked with a sense of enjoyment and engagement. The application of AR in your marketing strategy will give your brand that WOW FACTOR that today’s loyal customers are looking for.

Okay, but what does all that AR stuff REALLY mean for me?

The future is NOW. Reality is finally starting to catch up with science fiction, and staying on top of the competition means expanding your existing marketing strategies to seemingly fantastic realms. Augmented reality applications and marketing strategies give consumers a memorable, enjoyable brand experience that they will share with their friends, building on your word-of-mouth advertising. Today’s customer is young and fun-seeking; give them something to remember you by.

The bottom line is, your marketing strategy needs Augmented Reality to stay ahead!

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