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Beacons- the newest thing in advertising

Designed for enterprise-class deployments and trusted by top retailers all across the United States, Beacons are helping savvy marketers connect the digital and physical worlds in a powerful new way. Beacons, powered by Bluetooth®Smart technology, are quick to deploy and easy to manage.

We hate to be obvious, but today modern, smartphone-toting Americans spend most of their time indoors. Beacons are a low-cost piece of hardware — small enough to attach to a wall or countertop — that use battery-friendly, low-energy Bluetooth connections to transmit messages or prompts directly to a smartphone or tablet. They are poised to transform how retailers, event organizers, transit systems, enterprises, and educational institutions communicate with people indoors. Consumers might even want to deploy them as part of home automation systems.

Now, with beacon powered personalized messages being pushed to customers in proximate areas, it is much easier to provide information about various products available and their specialities. This allows customers to quickly make decisions and help them to browse through items in store and online. Finally, your business is able to market to your customers in a brand new way.

Beacons work hand in hand with Software Solutions, Mobile Websites, and Social Media.

What can Beacons do for me?

  • Exact location targeted
  • Battery Friendly
  • Instant Information during shopping
  • Instant Purchasing both in store and online!

Statistics taken based on a survey done through Swirl Network by customers after shopping at a store that used beacon campaigning.

  • Increased Probabilty of Purchase 73%
  • Would Visit Stores with Beacon Campaigns More Often 61%
  • Spend More money 60%


how beacons work

Beacons cover a geographic network that pushes messages to smartphones in the area using Bluetooth®Smart technology

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