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Responsive Web Design

  • Shoppers more likely to buy from a website that is mobile friendly: 67%
  • Companies who increased their sales after implementing responsive design: 63%

Source: 2012 Mobile User Survey. Keynote.

Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

We hate to state the obvious, but it is the current year, and virtually everyone has a smartphone that they use daily. Mobile search and web design have become too important for businesses to ignore. If your website isn’t mobile friendly, you’re harder to find, and harder to contact - in a time when attention spans are shorter than ever.

Don’t believe it? Here are just a few of the trends that Google has published about mobile search:

  • Mobile search now accounts for 52% of all online searches
  • Most mobile searchers are looking for addresses, phone numbers, and store hours
  • 25% of Internet users only access the internet via a mobile device in the United States
  • In late 2014 ‘Near me’ became one of the most common search terms - driven largely by the increase in mobile use
  • 80% of mobile searches were prompted by something seen on TV or in advertising
  • Mobile search is highly action-oriented - 9 out of 10 mobile searches resulted in a purchase

Changes in search engine algorithms will directly affect the ranking of existing websites if they are not mobile friendly. That’s where Bold Digital Marketing comes in. We can optimize your existing website or build you a beautiful brand new mobile experience that all of your customers can enjoy. We have the tools to help minimize friction in the sales pipeline between a searcher’s moment of discovery and becoming your new customer. We can help make their experience of your website on whatever mobile device they’re using easy and enjoyable.

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