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Web Design: Create a Website

Do you want to know how to design a website that helps you get more customers?

In designing and developing your website, there are questions you have to answer:

  • What is the purpose of your website?
  • How easy is it to understand?
  • Is the functionality simple and accessible?
  • Can you access it from anywhere, from any device?
  • Who are your ideal users, and who do you want to engage with?
  • What is the appearance or aesthetic that best represents you or your company?

Powerful and effective website design can be the difference between potential customers and paying clients. Your website can be your best (silent) salesman, the face of your business. It works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, helping get you noticed and telling new customers why they should be doing business with you. We have the tools and expertise to build a custom website that does what matters - help you get new clients in the door.

What goes into creating a website?’ Our resident Graphics and Web Design Lead, Liz DaSilva, answers some of the questions that people might have when it comes to designing a website for a person, business, or cause.

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How can UX make a difference?

UX, short for user experience, relates to the usability of a website. When someone goes to your website, is everything where they expect it to be? Can they find links in the menu, and items like your contact information quickly and easily? If not, you may be suffering from a case of bad UX, and it could be frustrating your potential customers. At Bold, we have experienced UX designers who can improve the usability of your site, maximizing the ease of flow from opening the site to closing the sale.

Website Design Case Study

Web design isn’t all about pretty graphics and flashy buttons - it’s about a problem and a solution. Just making a site look good doesn’t always lead to conversions; it has to address your viewers’ needs.

Cattleack BBQ (Dallas, TX) Website Design: Before


  • Not mobile responsive - meaning that it didn’t resize based on whether the device it was viewed on
    • Search engines now will not list websites that aren’t designed responsively on mobile searches - meaning that potential customers could not find Cattleack when they were looking for a good BBQ place in the area
  • Website design errors kept customers from finding their website and using it to its full potential
  • The site wasn’t Search Engine Optimized - it didn’t appear in searches for the terms they were looking for
  • The owners of the restaurant did a great job using social media to reach customers and they wanted their site to reflect that, but there weren’t any instantly recognizable ways to connect with them on their home page
  • Their information was not broken to be visibly interesting - people are much more likely to browse and read bullets points than a block of text
  • Dark, outdated aesthetics

Cattleack BBQ (Dallas, TX) Website Design: After


  • Now fully responsive to all popular device platforms
  • They now populate in searches for terms like “Best BBQ in Dallas.” In the first two months after their site was launched, they had over 17,000 website views from all over the country
  • This site has multiple opportunities to connect to their social media on the home page and even has a page dedicated to their social media feed
  • The first thing you see when you land on the site is an awesome custom-made video of the inside of the Cattleack kitchen
  • Properly reflects Cattleack’s fun and laid-back personality

Now, that’s a lot of BBQ.

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