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PPC Campaigns

With Adwords, You Only Pay for Ads that Succeed

In the ongoing and ever-evolving battle of Search Engine Marketing, your business may need a team of Google and Bing strategists to help manage your PPC campaigns and maximize your conversions, as well as testing and analyzing performance on an ongoing basis. Bold Digital Marketing has your back. We have a team of SEM specialists bringing the necessary tools and expertise to help drive qualified leads and increase conversions - right now. How do Bold Digital Adwords and Analytics services work for you?

  • High ROI Audience Targeting

    Matching your Google and Bing Ads to target your customer in their moment of need and when they are ready to buy.

  • Analytics Consulting

    Utilize powerful data and customer behavior to help generate the maximum ROI. Bold Digital Marketing PPC Management works hard to minimize the friction in your sales pipeline.

  • Conversion Remarketing

    Remarketing is a powerful tool in the arsenal of any marketing campaign, helping you to capture more leads and close sales at a higher percentage for less cost. At the same time, you retain the customers you’ve worked hard to earn, and reinforce the loyalty and awareness of your brand.

  • Conversion Optimization

    Our team of data experts continually track and analyze the performance of your campaign, using A/B and Multivariate testing on an ongoing basis to help ensure that you’re not just getting clicks or impressions, you’re capturing what matters: conversions. We constantly strive to create the path of least resistance between you and the customer, increasing your results in both short and long term.


Businesses make an average of $2 in return for every $1 invested in Adwords


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